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The client for this project is a manufacturer of medical products with experience spanning over 2 decades. They had an erstwhile tie-up with a Korean company, to whom they provided technical know-how, which leveraged this technical expertise to mass produce products for international markets.



The client wanted to directly access international markets, so they felt a need for a product with a compelling design value that can find traction in these markets.

During ethnography research, we observed following missing links, which needed a course correction:

  • Wire placement problem
  • Difficulties in reading measurements from monitor
  • Chin rest papers are not used, so hygiene factors were absent
  • Too many controls making its operation cumbersome
  • Measuring head colliding with head rest, while doing any adjustments
  • Improper printer positioning

From the above inputs as well as client’s requirements for a product with distinct identity, we designed an ergonomically and aesthetically appealing product. The sales of this newly designed product soared and also managed to attract enquiries from many international buyers in a trade exhibition held in New Delhi.